Unique Cohen Pin (Long Description)

Cloisonné Pin

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As most fans know, Leonard loved cloisonné pins. In commemoration of the release of the Memorial Box Set, UHPF has created a unique new pin, a timeless design that reflects Leonard’s presence in the beauty and elegance of silver on black cloisonné. The pin features the two symbols that were most often used by Leonard in his art – the unified heart and his Zen chop.

About the first symbol Leonard once explained, “These two interlocking hearts I designed for the cover of Book of Mercy . . . I established this Order of the Unified Heart . . . There is no organization. There’s no hierarchy. There’s just a pin for people of a very broadly designated similar intent . . .”

About his chop, Leonard has said, “This one is the old Chinese writing of my monk’s name, Jikan . . . it just means ordinary silence.” Of course, Leonard’s silence was far from ordinary, and this pin captures a simple transcendent beauty that was Leonard’s life work.