Mural Lithograph (Long Description)

Commemorative Collector’s Edition
Lithograph of Tower of Songs Mural

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Montreal remembered Leonard and honoured his contributions to music and literature through a public artwork unveiled a year after his passing. The mural, over 1000 square metres in size, graces a 21-storey building on Crescent Street in the heart of downtown Montreal. Created by a group of artists with the non-profit MU collective, specifically El Mac and Gene Pendon, the mural was inspired by a photograph by Lorca Cohen, Leonard’s daughter, taken in 2008.

This stunning fine art commemorative lithograph is a limited issue and each is numbered and stamped with Leonard’s chop or symbol. Artists El Mac and Gene Pendon have signed the lithograph along with photographer Olivier Bousquet, who captured the mural from the heights of Mount Royal.

Watch the Tower of Songs Mural come to life in this video by clicking below.

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