Cool Cohen Extras (Long Description)

Cool Cohen Extras

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Tower of Song Access Pass

Here’s a fun memorabilia item for your collection, a replica backstage pass lanyard from the Tower of Song concert. This depiction of the woman in flames appears on the back of Leonard’s first album, Songs of Leonard Cohen. According to Leonard, “The picture on the back is a Mexican religious picture called ‘Anima Sola,’ the lonely spirit or the lonely soul. It is the triumph of the spirit over matter. The spirit being that beautiful woman breaking out of the chains and the fire and prison.”

Leonard Cohen Commemorative Collector’s Edition Bookmark

This stunning bookmark captures the MU collective’s Leonard Cohen mural from ground-level downtown Crescent Street during Montreal’s blue hour. Printed on heavy cover stock with a glossy finish, this bookmark can be your private reminder of Leonard’s enduring influence.

Leonard Cohen Stickers

From Leonard’s artworks to photographs of our man, these delightful stickers will declare your affinity with Leonard.